Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting to Buenos Aires, on a time line


Countries traveled: Chile Argentina
My country number 5 & 6

Hitchiked rides: 7
Miles hitchiked: 1,800

Beth and I hitching a ride at sunrise...

Hopping into the nicest semi ever!

Beth and our dog buddy at our campground (Bed #6)

Drinks offered: 4 bottles of Rum & Coke, 2 wine bottles, and home made fermented alcohol

Hot dogs consumed: 10 hot dogs/7 days


7 nights, 7 beds

Overall impression- super nice people! I have a new appreciation and love for truck drivers! And Chilean and Argentinians.

The Chilean truck driver who offered us his house to stay.

Beth and I decided we wanted to get to Buenos Aires by the 8th for the Manu Chao concert, it gave us about a week. It was quite an adventure and we saw many things, meet some really cool people, tried long-distance hitchiking, and found how RIDICULOUSLY easy it was to hitchike in those countires. But we made it to Buenos Aires...

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