Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting ready for a trip

There are a lot of things to do in order to prepare for a trip. Now a lot of that is due to your own ‘anal-ism.’ Do you need to plan every day, every place you stay, every price to nickels and dimes, etc… Well that requires a lot of research and time pre planning. Some people get just as excited about planning the trip as they do on the trip!

Others dread it like pulling teeth. “Where? When? How? …How am I supposed to know?” and then break down something like this   “Aahhh…don’t yell at me! I have a big head and little arms!!”  

Well, too much planning is for the birds,
Now as for me, here’s how I get ready for  trip;
The pre-travel To Do List is the most important to me (plus I love lists!) This includes everything from registering with the Embassy that I’ll be traveling, to setting up skype and email, to shots, to looking at pretty exotic pictures of the places I’m going, to budget estimates,  to packing up my personal items. Basically, things I can think of that will affect my 4 months away.
Now I’m no travel expert, but I think I do alright. 4 months is also a hell of a lot shorter than year. And this time, my life at home isn’t as chaotic and busy as it was last time around.

I feel like I’m setting the rest of my life up, when in reality it is only 4 months. But, it also pushes me to set up things I need to responsibly do anyways. For example, on Monday I opened my first credit card, to start building credit!! (WOW I feel soooo adult!!) To answer your question, no I didn’t go buy a whole bunch of REI equipment or Nordstroms clothes. I’m pretty responsible with money. Which is probably why I can travel the way I do. I’m not one to be surprised when I run out of money and have to visit the ATM. My mama taught me well, I’m a money conscious gal!

So as a responsible adult, I continue preparing for my trip. Bit by bit. I am one to love the planning stage. How I look at the planning process is a 2 month excuse to day dream about where I’ll be traveling to. Makes the days FLY by!

When it comes to planning what I will be doing while I’m there in country, I’m not anal at all. In fact no anal-ism, just flowing with the wind :-p This part of the trip is also a personal preference. Perhaps you as a traveler prefer to have your lodging, meals, and days planned. I don’t prefer having it planned because I feel I don’t miss anything when I am flexible. When I’m flexible, my day can revolve around eating everything at a street stand and strolling the outdoor markets, or spending the day in the park, or trying to lose those extra couple of pounds from all the delicious Thai food, or visiting a museum I had no idea was there, or meeting a new friend and finding a new place. I just don’t see the planned to the T days as my way. But, to each their own! The unpredictability of every given day is what makes traveling special to me! And I can’t wait til it is here!!!!!!!!


But, one big thing looms in the near distance. Packing…. Until then, enjoy what is going on in your life, and I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Don't forget to leave room for that colorful hat to wear when you ride the elephant.

  2. HAHAHAHA I think that will be a hit with the locals!!! :-D


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