Saturday, August 3, 2013

One month in, and the flair of Oz is coming out

Possum's Plastering : "Get plastered with us"

Earlier this week, I passed my 1 month anniversary here in Australia. What a nonstop whirlwind it has been, full of something to do everyday and every night. I'm finally feeling like I know where I am, have my bearings, and have gotten so used to things that I sometimes forget I'm in Australia. But some things keep you grounded here, remind you that you are down unda.   

I was walking around Camberwell, and found this..... um, that baby toy has no head. Does that classify as recycling?

Australia: The land where they drive on the left side, line dry their clothes and dishes, constantly say 'no worries,' vegemite and nutella are indeed everywhere, they don't drink Fosters, they almost never call each other by their first name, and they are genuinely nice people.

"Sagittarius: Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Generous"

Australia: Where everything is abbreviated like breakfast is brekkie, arvo is afternoon, and chocolate is choco. They add a 'u' into labor, color, neighbour and tons of other words. They call you Sheila and Mate all the time,

Australia: A place with great names for places like Warnnambool, Gippsland, Dandenong, Geelong, Great Otway, Ningaloo, Woolloomooloo, Lilly Pilly Gully Circuit. (Thanks Holly)

This is a perfectly acceptable city name.

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