Sunday, October 13, 2013

Did somebody say beer?!

 As some of you may or may not know, I love beer, and not just any beer but craft beer. My home city is among the cities with the highest craft breweries per capita in the nation. Friends of mine brew beer and introduced me to the wonderful world of craft beer, creativity, taste, and fun. Going to microbreweries is a definite hobby of mine. Microbreweries are more about taste than volume, and that's what sets them apart from Coors Light and Millers.

Well I thought I would try and tap into that while here in Australia. One of the traditions I have while traveling is to collect the beer labels from all the different beers I get a chance to drink while abroad. To clarify, I have to drink that beer to be able to take the label and it has to be drank in a country other than the U.S.; however, it doesn't necessarily have to be a beer brewed in that country (although 95% of the time it is). The only unfortunate part is that sometimes you drink "frothies" in a glass, not a bottle, so I've missed some here and there (Frothies is what Aussies call beer).

Well Australians drink more than Americans. Yes I said it, and yes there is proof. But not only that, their preferred drink is beer, not spirits like in Russia or wine like in France. The unfortunate part of living in the state of Victoria is that they have some of the highest taxes in the nation when it comes to alcohol, so going out can be somewhat expensive.

These maps by the World Health Organization (WHO) show some interesting trends in not only Australia alcohol, but alcohol consumption world wide.



I have been fortunate enough to try some really good beers. I've put a few of the labels of beers I've had while here, beers from Tasmania to the remote Northern Territory to breweries in Melbourne.

Delicious! - Some great names like "Beez Neez," "Little Creatures Pale Ale," "Mountain Goat Organic."
Some of the more unique ones, including a tasty Tasmanian cider.
Some really cool bars in Melbourne....

English pub in Melbourne - Charles Dickens pub

I'll leave you with this thought: Could it be true?! - Australians hangover free beer :

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