Monday, January 12, 2009

Huanchaco chaco chaco

Now isn´t that just a fun town name to say.... huanchaco. So continuing my first week in Peru, I headed to Huanchaco, Peru. A fishing village on the coast of Peru, known for the ¨longest left in the world¨for surfers, and cool reed boats used for fishing, made out of reed and styrofoam and kinda look like elf boots. I headed here with two girls, Beth from Minneapolis, and Char from Canada. We met at the border and spent our time in sunny Mancora together. We enjoyed the sunny beach town but decided it was a little to party and loud for we headed south to a more tranquil place.
We spent the first day here, after a night bus from Mancora, finding banks, changing money, and finding PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!! God the pure enjoyment of peanut butter here is amazing. It is so hard to find American peanut butter, and I did and I went crazy. Yummy!!! We made PB and J´s for lunch the next day. Amazing the simple things you miss wouldn´t believe some of them if I told you, but you appreciate simple basic things from back home. So Peanut butter! The rest of the day, we decided to dedicate to a North American day. The next big town over, Trujillo, had a shopping mall that rivaled most shopping malls in teh states. Not to mention right on the beach and open air. So on this North American Day...we shopped for clothes, ate McDonalds or Chinese food, and went and saw movie (4 Xmas- in English!) and ate ice cream. It was a fun day.

Yesterday was Beth´s 27th bday!!! SO we went to the Chan Chan Incan ruins. Palace of King Chimu, and the largest of it´s kind in Peru. We spent a good part of the day strolling the ancient ruins and making up silly ¨what was this...¨ And of course we had to venture off the path a little ways, and found some other ruins of our own (or at least we think we they were...use being experts) and walked along a 20 ft high dirt wall. That night, we dressed up ( I was in a dress, YES a dress) and we went to another movie and spoiled us to a Papa John´s we found here (which is like high class pizza here) We went and saw Australia. It was a good birthday for her.
Today we are wrapping things up and going our separate ways. They are heading to Lima to met up with family flying in...and i´m heading to Huaraz, Peru to do some hiking in the ¨white range¨of hte Andes. Should be fun...
p.s. I´ll try and get more recent pictures up...but haven´t taken too many

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