Thursday, January 8, 2009


Happy New Year to everyone and hope the year was brought in with good vibes!!!!
As of yesterday, I have entered my third country of South America, Peru.
I left from Mompiche and said goodbye to my family of people there. It was sad times, but what needed to be done. I look back on my time there with a smile and am grateful for what I had. But traveling, life moves on.
I luckily, after much thought about how to cheat the system, luckily did not have to pay an exit fee for the 1 1/2 months I spent illegally in Ecuador, cheated the system and convinced the Peruvian immigration to let me slide, not to mention they gave me 180 days visa...woohooo!!!! So i´ve spent time as an illegal.
I met up with a group of two girls and a guy on the bus and we headed into the world famous surf spot, Mancora, Peru. There is plenty of sun, desert, and people. Still yet to see if the waves hold up to the reputation. It is popular mostly due to the fact that it is right on the Panamerican highway, therefor lots of gringos that give the town a different flare.
I am looking into doing WWOOFing (world wide organization of organic farms) to do volunteer work on a farm down in Peru, should be lots of fun.
Congratulations to Mrs. Carolyn Melody Parker
Congratulations to Shannon on her marriage (sorry I missed it)
Hope the semester is good for all the students
Thanks for the emails, updates, and message board posts.
2009 is gonna kick butt!!!!!!

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