Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thai massage

I got my first Thai massage!!!

Woohooo. So I never really knew what the difference between a Thai massage and a regular body massage was, but it looked a little something like the above picture. Although they did a lot of things to me, I'm pretty sure it didn't make me turn into a cartoon character. But you never know.
A lot of Thai massage is based on cutting off circulation to a particular part of your body and then massaging it. For example your leg, if you cut it off near your hip, the feeling of the blood running through the limb again is a fun sensation. It also included a head massage and judo chopping my back. And one of the bigger suprises was when I realized this small Asian lady was standing on top of me!!! hahahaha took me a bit to realize, but man did it feel good.
The most Thai part of the whole massage was the ambiance. It was set to the background of a very loud TV blaring a Thai tv game show!! I guess I can't bargain for the price of 200 Baht (USD$ 6.50) for 1 hour. I was giggling inside most of the time at the funny situation. I think i'll have to try it again to see what happens next time.


  1. Hahaha, that's awesome. It looks like in the picutre they are wrestling a little bit. I'm excited to experience on of these new and exciting massaages!!

  2. so there IS more to a thai massage than just the nationality of the person giving it. i might not be as open to their exploratory methods as you, though...

    can you add me to the subscriber list [the vip list :)]? and

  3. gosh, i could have stood on your back here at work anytime, all you had to do is ask, of course i would have crushed you. we miss you here, but it doesn't sound like your missing us very much.
    have fun

  4. Get Brad to learn how to do this!


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