Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thailand, the land of many smiles

Why, helllllooooo!!!!

Welcome to Bangkok ladies and gents. First things first, it is freakin hot and muggy. Eewww. Secondly, I have no idea what day it is. I could probably figure it out, but that would require intensive thinking and math skills, and also I'm not sure I want to know what day it is, it is nice being out of touch.
I left LAX at 1 pm on Thursday after saying my goodbyes, packing the bag which is quite small might I add, and cutting my hair. I flew 14 or 15 hours to Taipei Taiwan ont his jumbo of a jet, two floors! I've never been on a plane like that. Also picked up some local language via the interactive t.v. they had, a cool 'learn the language' feature for any country you wanted. Learning even bits and phrases of Thai is much harder than Spanish, mostly due to the different sound and tonal use. I expected myself to just be able to pick it up in a snap, but haven't yet. But also, i've only been here 2 days, maybe I should give myself some time, you think?
So I slept in the airport in Taiwan from 10pm-6am (their time) and then hopped on my flight at 7 am to Bangkok, arriving conveneintly at 10 am.
Anyways after finding this little guesthouse in the hip and touristy section of Bangkok (which includes Khao San road) for 170 Baht/night (approx 6 dollars a night) for a single with a fan! (oohh lala~ trust me, that fan is a NECESSITY).
I walked around a bit, got lost a bit, rested a bit, ate a bit etc...
I also found the famous backpacking/tourist hub of Southeast Asia....Khao San Road. Located in the old town of Bangkok, it is a pedestrian only street lined with hostels/hotels, knickknack shops, scam artists, american music and lots and lots of tourists. Too many. It is a bit comforting if that is what I'm looking for, but it is a bit overwhelming at the same time. So I'm finding a happy mix between Thai life and touristy life, both which are prevelant here in Bangkok.

Yesterday was spent mostly walking the streets, meeting people from random places (like Alabama, and France) drinking some local beer (Tiger beer!) munching down the street food getting a foot massage on the street (100 baht for 1/2 hour- approx 3 dollars) and catching up on sleep .

Today I did a few more productive things, while still touristy, very much amazing!
I took the river ferry to visit the Grand Palace of Bangkok. This was the previous royal home where 'his majesty' and the administration offices for the Kingdom were. But now it is just an attraction and administration offices (no hopes of seeing the King there) Below is a pic from the internet as I haven't uploaded any of my pics yet (Hold your breath for those...)

Aerial view

Me at the Grand Palace in Bangkok!!
 This is a sample picture. Pretty freakin epic. Every face of each building is covered in some sort of gem, glass, porcelain decoration. It was a bright shiny and amazing sight. Filled with all kinds of buildings, buddha statues, and the great Emerald Buddha. I went in the palace not knowing much, so i'm going to read up on teh place so I know the meaning of everything I saw today.

I also went and saw the Reclining Buddha (Oh by the way there are Buddhas everywhere!!) This is part of the largest and oldest wat (temple) in Bangkok (dated back to 17th century) and includes a 49 meter (150 foot long) Buddha lying on his side plaited in gold. Most of the temples have statues plated in gold. 

I walked and tuk-tuk ed (motorcycle/taxi vehicle) my way around some more. Thailand is known as the land of smiles, and I'd say it is fitting as the people smile quite a bit and are friendly and willing to help. Although you do have to keep your gaurd up so you don't get scammed into buying something you don't want or didn't ask for.
I will change and add pictures once I get a chance.
But to rap it up, I'm doing great and exploring and sweating my buns off!
My love to all at home :-) 4 months may seem a long way away...but I'll see you soon


  1. The pics look great and want to see your pics. Sounds like your having a great time
    Miss You

  2. Hey girl! Your blog is very entertaining to read. I think my fav part of your experience so far is munching on street food while getting a foot massage for 3 bucks. :) Now, that's a vacation...!

    happy that you're happy,

  3. Glad to hear you've made it safely. :) Exploring and foot massages sounds amazing. Sending some jealousy from home.

    Love ya! Rachael

  4. Awww thanks guys!! I'm thinking of you all, and as always, your invited to come see me!!! I'd love some company :-)

  5. Kristin ''m so glad because you are there now. Have fun and enjoy the place!!!!! i will be reading everything here!! :)

  6. Hey, we need another update back here in the states. We want more, more more


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