Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4 men 4 women 4 beds

Hola Hola!!!
Well still here in Guayaquil enjoying ourselves very much.
We have visited the park of iguanas which is filled with iguanas
walked on Malecon 2000, teh huge board walk project
walked on Malecon del salado, the older smaller version
went to the zoo here and saw some really cool stuff, you could get really close to the animals. I was actually holding a wolly monkeys hand! and later was standing 5 feet away from a sleeping lion! it was crazy. we went with some freinds we met here through a couchsurfing friend. We just meet tons of people, they are really nice.
We also did a trekking and repelling trip with a friend, Geovanny, we met on couchsurfers. He is a part of bicycling club here in Guayaquil, so a couple of people from his club and volunteers from teh red cross who had the equipment and knowledge went. The place was called 7 waterfalls, it was about a 45 mins hike into a amazon looking jungle. We passed a couple of waterfalls before we reached the one we were going to do repelling on. It was about a 30 ft waterfall that dropped right into a clear pool of water surrounded by a rock wall, it was amazing. They set up the repellinga nd Julie and I both repelled down the waterfall, attached to the rope! It was awesome, adrenaline rush too, especially when i almost slipped! phew. It was quite a day. We plant to spend a couple more days here in guayaquil, and have a couple of things planned, so it should be fun.
We are still staying at our friends house. One of the boy´s mom and sister arrived from the Galapagos yestereday and so now it´s definitely a full house, people sharing beds all over the place!! Don´t worry....i´m sleeping with julie if you have any questions, in our own room! Geez!!!

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