Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flashback to the 70´s

We left Manta and headed to Montanita,a small beach town. This place was like a hippie town from the 70´s it was insane. Hippies, surfers, tourists, and Ecuadorians all thrown together. People barefoot and with dreads. The beach was nice, plenty of chances to play volleyball, enjoy the huge waves, and walk the artisan streets and eat some good grubbbb :) We enjoyed our stay but found it a little too touristy for our taste. Although we met some cool people and enjoyed the relaxation....we´ve decided to continue on down to Salinas. A big town with a beautiful beach but lots of building. We adopted a kitten in Montanita and brought it with us, we named her Zero. We´ll either keep it with us, or find a home for it here. Julie and I are doing good and traveling cheap- so all is well!!!! We´ve also passed the month mark.... with plenty more to see. After Salinas and Guayaquil, we are heading inland to the mountains to do our volunteer work. Should be fun, i think the beach for everyday for a month has been plenty, so the change of scenery will be nice. until then!

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