Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well we left Canoa....and never did get a chance to go paragliding, but we will keep our search going for another chance perhaps.
...We finished exploring Canoa and went to a cave with our friends. This cave has bats in it and was pretty cool. The tide was too high to go into the main cave which apparently has tons of bats and cool rocks and those hangy things that look like candy. But we still had fun. Festivals ended so the town was on a very slow pace the couple of days, since there was so much fiesta the whole weekend...
We made some great friends in Canoa and declare it a pretty cool place, altough it is bigger than Mompiche, it still has a nice fun atmosphere to it.
We have now made our way to the next city, Manta, a big port town. We are staying with friends of Ruben (esmeraldes) who hooked us up. We in an apartment of an uncle that is huge, it is like being back in the states. We are staying with Rubens friend Leo and today we will hopefully go explore the beach and this city, if weather perks up...until then.
p.s We also plan on celebrating Fourth of July here...get a hot dog, coke. french fries and some small fireworks, so feliz dia de independencia!!!

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