Monday, June 23, 2008

Is this a dream...???

Ok....we are not dead...just lost in a dream. How many of you have read those romance novels where there is a couple on the beach with palm trees and all that stuff. Well that is kinda of what is happening. We are traveling what is called La Ruta del is a way downt he coast of Ecuador that travels through all the beach towns and everything. We are having an amazing time. We stayed in Esmeraldes with a friend for a week and meet everybody i nEsmeraldes, or so it seems...and we also stayed a night in Atacames. A beach with a different bar every 20 feet right on the beach. We´ve meet tons of people, all nice, and continue to meet great people, eat great every day, swim in the wamr water right outside out secluded cabana everyday, and just relax. Our most popular saying... ¨we can´t believe how much people would pay to do this...¨aaahhhh too much to write here and not enough money to pay for the internet, but we´ll tell you in the future. We are safe and completely enjoying ourlselves- we hope everybody is ok and doing well. Talk to you soon!!!!

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