Friday, June 27, 2008


We left Pedernales...saw all that it really had to offer. Now we have reached the beautiful town of Canoa. We took a 3 hr bus ride to get here, passing throught the beautiful ecudorian jungle!! We made it to Canoa and we searching for a firend of friend from Esmeraldes. So we decided to plop down on the beach with our bags and asked these two random guys walking down the beach. What luck, tey know the guy we were looking to stay with, BUT he is in another town right now!! Ah so "tiburon" the guy told us of a place we can stay for 3 /night! chevere! So we planted ourselves...
To occupy our time, we went to Bambu bar owned by a guy from Kentucky. This man had a brilliant idea that we took him up on. If you pick up a bag of trash from the beach you get a free cocktail! Hey we`ve got two hands and nothing but time! So we each grabbed a bag and started picking it up. Canoa just happens to be at an unfortunate place were the tide brings the in no time our bags were full. Well also met some chicos on the beach who helped us out. We picked up trash until sunset,and what a sunset it was! Canoa also lies between two sets of huge bluffs so there are very cool cliffs right on the beach. Also has provided us with an opportunity to do paragliding, parapentes, which we are trying to do later this week! *which reminds me, have fun skydiving leila* We ate yummy food and drank our cocktailes that night. We also ran into people from Mompiche, guitarists that are traveling down to argentina, cool people.
Today we went with the same guy we asked for the room and his friend on an awesome bike ride out to a finca, or farm. But this isn`t a regular farm, it was the only house for miles right on the beach with cows and a crazy bike ride there. It was a blast!!! Julie ate it bad on the way she has a huge bump on her head. She went head first after hitting a rock beacuse the bikes didn`t have any breaks...and the hill was steep as heck. But we made it back and our butt bones hurt after a whole day of riding. We meet some other cool people and found out that we arrived just in time for Canoa festivals this weekend, what luck! So that should be fun...until next time.
Hope everybody is good back in the states.

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