Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It´s raining its pouring (lluvia cae lentamente sobre mi)

Well guys today is our last day in Quito before we leave for Mindo and Esmeraldes and the beautiful Ecudorian coast... so internet access is iffy :)

We met a awesome guy David on a hike we did up to Pinchincha and we are staying at his house. He just got back from a 4 month biking trip down South America- chevere!! (cool) We went to Sangloqui yesterday and checked out the cool markets, and ate Indian food here- how good. We met the cool group of hiker people that we hang out with so it´s cool. Today we walked around Quito and took it easy staying in the beautiful parks they have everywhere here.
Today was my first Ecuadorian storm, thunder lightning, rain and a little bit of hail- it´s awesome and the sky here is amazing!

Julie and I are both in good health, have gotten plenty of sleep and had plenty to eat...so no worries. The food here is delicious be the way. 1.00-1.50 for rice, beans, meat, soup and juice. So delicious!!! We´ll try in keep in best contact as we can for the next couple of days/weeks but no gaurantees. We hope everyone is doing well. And as far as pictures go... we´ve taken plenty but haven´t uploaded the majority of them to the internet, takes too long, so sorry...but if we find free internet access at one of the hostels...of course we will. Adios for now

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