Sunday, June 29, 2008

The festivals of canoa continued and there was another parade, mass, music, and a large dance. IT was very fun. Julie and I danced cumbia, merengue, and a bit of salsa til 3 in the morning. The people of Canoa are really nice...very friendly. The dance is for all of the pueblo, so there is young, old, everybody dancing with everybody. The new presidents of Pedro y Pablo were selected- the two governments that run this town together, and everybody celebrated. We spent today hanging out on the beach, playing soccer, reading, and meeting awesome people. There are more tourists here in the town of Canoa, so we´ve met people from Colorado, KEntucky, Massachusetts...all very cool people. We are still looking into doing parapentes, paragliding, tomorrow, if the wind picks up enough. until then,... check the pictures out on facebook if you have access.

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