Thursday, August 14, 2008


We finished our tan project with Engineers without BOrders in Pilingui San Pablo. We met that amazing group of people and have made some great friends, they are a lot of fun. But we finished that up and have now moved onto Banos for a couple of days to get out of the cold and take a little break.
On the 19th we plan on heading to Quito for a day and then to Columbia for a week to renew our visas...don´t worry we´ll take all the precautions, and we´ll be safe :) I´ll keep you updated on how it goes.
Hope life in the states is happy and healthy, just like us!
And mom, hope to see you soon when you come to visit. that reminds the invitation is open to anyone who wants a vacation, it can be arranged to come visit us!!!
p.s. alpaca are in the family of llamas and were in abundance in san pablo, they are adorable, and make good sweaters....oopps

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