Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Rock hard MEN


Ok yes rumor sand the news reporters had it right, we went to Columbia. Our visas were going to expire, so we had to leave the country to get them renewed. Obviously, Columbia was our first choice :D
So we set up a couchsurfer in Popayan, Columbia and made our way to the border. After some complications, argument, and a relieving stamp, we crossed into Columbia and took a bus to Popayan. We arrived at 4 am, so we hung out at the terminal until a reasonable hour to call our couchsurfer.
Emma´s house was fun. We spent the time the couple of days in Popayan exploring the centro, trying Columbian food, going to thermal hot springs that reaked up sulfur (great for the skin), enjoying live jazz at a bar. She was definitely hositable.
We then made our way to San Agustin to see the archealogical ruins, one of the most important ruins on the S. American continent. After a vicious bus ride with many security stops, we made it. THe next day we did a 3 1/2 hr. walk through the park and saw the big rock hard sculptures that were pretty impressive. The next day we did a 5 hour walk through the Columbian countryside to explore the waterfalls and other ruins spread about the countryside. They were beautiful days.
Now that we´ve restored our visas, we´re back in Ecuador where Julie will be staying in Riobamba for 2 months at a University to teach English and I´ll be headed off to continue exploring Ecuador. Until next time

p.s. Join couchsurfers!!

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