Tuesday, August 5, 2008

...San Pablo....

We left Guayaquil and headed inland
We are now ¨¨stationed¨¨¨in San Pablo, home of Casa Condor. This village of 48 people is stationed right at the base of Mountain Chimborazo, the peak on earth closest to the sun. It´s about a 19,500 ft. mountain, and our village is at about 12,500. But because weare on the equator, there isn´t snow in our village, just windy and chilly as heck!!!
We met up with a group that just got here from Colorado, Engineers without borders, and there are doing a 2 week construction project here building a HUGE thousand of gallons tank to hold and suppply the water from the natural spring on Mt. Chimborazo. It´s pretty awesome. They recruited us as volunteers, and we are having a blast!!! They are some really cool people and the manual labor is fun, so our next two weeks are filled :p It´s definitely different than the coast, chilly chilly here but beautiful all the same. My camera is temporarily (or permanently, don´t know yet) broken, so we´ll see how that goes. It´s a bummer because the land is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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