Saturday, August 16, 2008

Banos (literally bathrooms?)

Hiddey Ho...
We are here in beautiful Banos!! Enjoying the valleys, waterfalls, and thermal hot springs. Yesterday we rented bikes for $5/whole day and did a bike ride with Julie´s old host brother from Quito who came down. We hoped on the bikes and did a 25 km decent toward the town of Puyo. There are 7 waterfalls along the windy beautiful valley road. The last one beign the most beautiful, Pailon del Diablo. An impressive 100 rushing waterfall that drops into a rocky pool. You could actually hike behind the waterfall and experience the wet awesomeness. But before we had reached the last waterfall on our bike trip we stopped at a bridge. And little did you know there was bungee jumping... and us being craziness enough bought a ten dollar ticket....strappped in and Julie and I jumped off the 50 m bridge toward a rushing river. What an exhiliration!!! It was awesome- excitign to cross things off our list to do before we die (although some of the things on our list could be the cause of death :D ) haha. It was quite a blast.
That night we met up with the people we met in San Pablo, EWB. and went to a cool bar with live music and got to play the bongos, drums, cow bells and just jam and sing all night long. It was quite a fun night!!! We´re enjoying Banos and it´s cool cafes and atmosphere and then are heading ot Puyo later today to check it out... ciao ciao

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