Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first apartment

Well I{ve got my own apartment of sorts, living on my own for the first time. I[ve been living in Mompiche now for a little over a month. SOme may remember how much Julie and I bragged as Mompiche being paradise when we first visited it.
Well after talking with Cloro, I was able to exchange staying in a cabana for cutting weeds and stufff with my machete in the back...sweet deal! The cabana is a closed bar and the bar is below nd there is one big room above it. 50 feet from the waves, window looking out over the sunset, other window looking over the fishing boats, no electricity, doesn{t get much better, i{m telling you.
Julie is still in Riobamba. The semester lasts until the end of this month (there are 2 month intense sessions), she might do another or we{ll travel around again...gotta ask her what she{s up too
MOm is coming the 15th of November and believe me you can{t imagine the excitement.
I{ve also been able to frequently get the phone charged and have been able to receive calls from mom and my family and friends. It{s really nice. glad she got it!!
Life is good.... yaaa

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