Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank you

I{d like to start by saying thank you to everybody. For all the support you have all given, ever single one of you. You know how you say that every minute somebody is thinking about you and you don{t know it. Well you have no idea how many of you I think of- at random times too!! Hahaha
Also thank you for writing on my message board and staying in contact with me, i really enjoy it. Hugs!!
As for the continuation of the sabbatical...
I{m traveling through Colombia yes. Believe me, it is one of the most beautiful places I{ve ever seen. It{s gorgeous. Of course if you don{l like green (uhhhum Auntie Diana) you wouldn{t like it. If you don{t love Colonial ranches, horses and carriages, coffee fields, nice people, people calling you ´¨mami´, good food and just awesomeness...then you wouldn{t like this place.
I am couchsurfing through Colombia ( can{t recommend it enough!) Right now i{m in Armenia staying with a Juan here, who works on computers. He lives with his mom (with is not uncommon among bachelors in s. america) and she is an absolute sweetie, who has a unique interest in Native American history. Ha what do you know i have something like 1/32 in me- it{s like we are twins and i{m your study- not. Not that i{m dissing my ancestors, i{m grateful nonetheless. :)
Today I spent the whole day in Salento, a little pueblo outside of town. This was one enchanting town. All the buildings painted colorful colonial colors. artesinal places, a nice plaza with many vendors of fresh trout caught form the town that runs through the stream. The best trout i{ve ever had- freakin delicioso!! Colombia is also filled with old cars ( i know you would like that dad! and joe :) ) Filled with old Buicks, land rovers from teh 60´s, willy´s. awesome. I took one of those jeeps to a nearby valley, valley de cocura. Incredibly beautiful, full of horses, ranchs, streamsa nd rivers, palm trees (the nat{l tree of colombia is a palm tree that grows at some 2000 m. very different) cows, beautiful. I met a girl from Germany who is studying in Bogota. We did the 4 hr hike together. Following the stream and then headed up the mountainside. Gorgeous!
Tomorrow I head to Manizales and continue through Colombia! woohoo!!
p.s. i{m trying to post pics. check it out. it will pics of colombia so far. keep in mind i can only post so many, so ill have to delete the others. there old anyways and so much has happened between then!

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