Thursday, October 23, 2008

Self declared salsa

Alrighty well plans have changed.

I left Mompiche yes and I went to the Columbian border to get another 3 months to ensure I could travel around with my mom. After two days of confusion, frustration, and argument, learned taht I could NOT enter Ecuador again. I know kinda scary. As for mom coming, something will be arranged don´t worry. Julie is still in Riobamba working as well.
As of right now I am traveling through Colombia for about 3 weeks, couchsurfing!!! ( It is a beautiful beautiful country. And definitely has a different feeling than Ecuador.
I stayed in Cali, the self declared salsa capital of the world (and i´m sure not many would dispute it) It gave a new meaning to a market city as well. YOu could find anything there anything. not joking. It still had a colonial feel as well and was surrounded by beautiful mountains.
RIght now I´m in Buenaventura. A large port town on the pacific. And there is a town festival right now.
I plan to do a loop up to the Caribbean coast of Colombia and then head down to Bogota. If I can, and it isn´t too expensive I´ll fly from Bolivia to Peru. And then be able to get mother dearest/hot mama/mamacita
(bythe way, everybody calls you ´mami´in Colombia, it´s awesome)
THose are the plans, but as i´ve learned, they change so often...
I´ll try and be safe.
Plenty of stories...

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