Thursday, October 30, 2008

Que tal beautiful Medellin

Alright, first of all only TWO WEEKS until my mamacita and cathy come to Ecuador!!!! I´m counting down and am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!

I´m currently in Medellin, Colombia.
Since the last time i wrote, i went to a finca/farm for cafe /coffee. I posted a couple of pictures. I learned all about the process to make coffee and even helped out, picking..grinding etc... Lots of fun. and got tons of coffee!. Even a litle sample of Colombian coffee in a pouch made right there. yum

I also went to Manizales for a day or so. A university town tucked away in parque los nevados. You could see a couple snow capped peaks in the distance, and Manizales was set the the green, river filled region of Colombia. I DARE say that Colombia may be the most beautiful country i´ve ever seen. Alright, i haven´t seen everything. But this country is TRUELY incredible!

After that I headed for Medellin, a city of 3 million people. Fairly large, but also fairly healthy. I am staying with a couchsurfer (actually the ambassador of Colombia for couchsurfing) simultaneously with a guy from Argentina who has been traveling for 1 yr 8 mos. and a guy from Spain who is here only 5 days doing a project wtih you and drug involvment. Very sweet people.
Medellin is a ver nice big city,, not that I like big cities too much. It is filled with unique and ample architecture, everywhere there is something to be seen. It also has a metro, the only one in Colombia that spans all of Medellin, an awesome system.
I walked through centro and the pedestrian boardwalk of sorts, met a guy painted in blue. tons of stuff. went to ecopark cerro el volador, a bi mountain park right in the middle of the city with beautiful views of the city (there is a pic). I also went to a place callled pueblito paisa, a little annexed pueblo in centro with a lot of character and good views. We also did a couchsurfing get together last night for a bday of a couchsurfer. Lots of fun to meet everybody and the locals from here. It was a diverse group- as always with cool people like couchsurfers. Argentinans, Spaniard, German, USA, and local Medellinians.

I also (see the pics) went to La Piedra. WOW is what i have ot say of that. 200 m high, 650 steps to reach the top of the rock. and the view is spectacular! like jaw dropping. pics can´t capture it! A huge lake going to the horizon filled with islands of pine trees and everything, little pueblos, little boat holding places, everything. very incredible. There have only been a couple of times in my short 19 years of age that i´ve said wow like that. one example would be the Grand Canyon when my dad and I did a week road trip out there that was a lot of fun! and La Piedra was no exception.

Medellin has been a lot of fun all in all, a big city, but plenty to do and really nice people. I continue north to eventually see the Carribean for the first time! Cheers to firsts! experiencing new things!!!! TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!

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