Sunday, October 19, 2008

We´re off to see the wizard...

As of today I have left Mompiche. I was there for almosttwo months. And it was fantastic. I gathered lots of memories and some photos. But it was just what the doctor ordered. But like all prescriptions, they must come to an end...
I´m en route to Quito where I´ll visit immigration and hopefully get an extension so my visa doesn´t run out when my MOMMIE comes to visit in November! The next month will be filled traveling through the Oriente, theamazon of this beautiful country. I´m excited. It is a region unknown to me. When that month runs out, mymom will be arriving, the 15th and who knows what will do for the much anticipated 2 weeks she will be here (along with Cathy!) I´ll keep ya up to date as much as possible.
mucho amor, abrazos, y besitos

p.s. any suggestions for this site, how i´m writing the blogs etc... let me know. I´ll take them into consideration...

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