Friday, November 14, 2008

40 hours

So I stayed with my Colombian mother, Anna, in Bogota and what a sweetheart she is.
I left Bogota Nov. 11th at 8pm and got on a bus (sidenot: i`ve considerable lightened my load- my backpack is much smaller- liberating!) The bus ride to the border of Colombia took almost 30 hrs. We passed through plenty of places that were in an upheveal. There was/is problems ith a money company there called La Piramde, and in a nutshell the owner died and peoples money disappeared... ahhh corruption. But finally reached the border.
Complications arose there and it`s a long story... but after that I hopped on other busses. I arrived Nov 13 to Guayaquil...40 hours in bus! dang!
I am staying here with friends that we`ve met through couchsurfing the first time we came, and basically taking it easy until mom gets here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!

What is happiness? What is happiness to YOU? How do we find it?

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