Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finished up Medellin. Carribean

All in all I had a blast in Medellin.My stay with Andres from couchsurfing was a lot of fun, and he took us a lot of places and we met a lot of people. It was also cool to havea guy from Argentina and a guy from Spain there simultaneously.One of the days Argentinian and the spaniard and I went to Pueblito Paisa. An annedxed village in the middle of Medellin. It took a step back in history and also was cool to see the view.The enxt day i did a hike on the ridge of the mountains surrounding Medellin. It was beautiful, green, high up there, and definitely confusing. I ended who knows where, but I got back. That night we went to a Couchsurfing Halloween Party at a hostal called Tiger Paw. It was a blast, there must of been 50 or 60 people there, couchsurfers, visitors, hostal guests. Everybody dressed up and everything. We hung out there for awhile, but eventually moved it to one of the girls house to do dancing. We danced and chitchatted until sunrise, 7 the next morning. At 8 am I grabbed my bag and headed to the terminal to travel all day to Cartagena. Ended up the bus didn´t leave til 430 pm, a LONG day in the terminal.Eventually, after a 14 hour bus trip at night, we arrived to Cartagena at 630 am. phew. This is my first visit tot he Carribean. I´ll admit, i´ve been so wiped from that tripped I haven´t explored the beach yet. BUt I did explore an old castle from teh 1600´s. It was very cool, and from atop taht hill you could see the beautiful Carribean sunset.

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