Sunday, November 23, 2008


We spent our last half day on the Galapagos Islands. And what a day it was!!!
We danced the night before, some of us later than others... But we woke up at 530 the next morning to head out on our boat. We arranged a tour to a place offshore called Leon Dormido (Sleeping Lion- Kicker Rock) We got on our boat and headed out. We followed the San Cristobal shoreline and saw blue footed boobies, sea lions, pelicans, friggate birds and the always beautiful scenery. We made it to Leon Dormido after about a 45 min. boat ride. We hopped in our wet suits and grabbed our fins and snorkle...and jumped in....
...Not to mention the instant fact that you cant see the groud becuase you are out way off the shore was a little scary. But we swam toward teh protruding huge rock. The side of the rock that headed toward teh ocean floor was like a cliff, and I couldn´t see the bottom. The side of the rock was covered with barncales of all colors and beautiful algae, fish homes and tons of fish. We were told to swim around the rock to the passage. There was a 30 foot wide break in the rock. So after checkingf out the sid eof the rock we make it to the passage. I saw quite a few turtles just flating along, doo dadooo, tranquil and then I looked down and saw a school (?) of rays. The white spotted rays probably 5 or 6 feet wide floating along. HOW COOL!!! Not to mention all the fish....and then before I knew it I was swimming with sharks!!! There were baby/adolescent sharks in the gap (the whole draw of Leon Dormido) They were swimming around. So yes I swam with the sharks. We got underwater pictures, so not to worry---hopefully they came out alright : / no promises. After swimming through the passage we hopped back on the boat and made our way toward Sea lion island. There the water was much calmer and shallower. The water was filled with fish, and sea lions. They are very playful creatures. They will swim right out you fast and stare at you in teh eyes and 1 foot before they reach you swerve one way. Agile! They will play with you and swim with you, and they are tons of fun! It all kinda felt like something out of Finding we are looking for the East Australian Current and I was asking the turtles (alright alright, only somebody who has seen that movie as much as I have would know what the heck i´m talking about!) After swimming around there, we made our way back to the island. From there we packed and said our goodbyes to our favorite bar tender and headed to the airport for our flight to Guayaquil.
Once in Guayaquil we took a bus to Cuenca. We are now here in this town which is known as the town of churches for its abundance of churches. It´s a higher elevation and filled with the indigenous influence. Also very colonial architecture scattered throughout. It´s nice to be back in the cooler climate witht the andean music, art, and green. But the Galapagos was totally worth it!!!!

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