Monday, November 10, 2008

Hammock time

I headed off to Santa Marta, the oldest town in colombia. I stayed with Tim, a couchsurfer in santa marta and he gave me a tour and a history lesson of santa marta. i also got to meet a good chunk of his friends. One of the days we went to visit one of his friends in the hospital, Pedro Conde. If you google him, you´ll find he´s a famous actor who did lots of westerns with the famous guys, including clint eastwood. He´s been all over the world acting as well. Sweet old man.
The next day, I took some advice of Tim and other travelers I´ve talked to, and went to a little pueblo outside of town called Taganga. Although a little touristy, it was still very pretty. And the surrounding hills that came down to the bluffs were scattered with cactus- just like the San Diego dry shrubbery. I spent most of the time in a hammock reading- it´s that kind of place, relaxation to the max.
I then made my way south, to bucuaramanga, the town between the carribean and bogota. I stayed with Mathieu there, a couchsurfer from Montreal there doing exchange. What a fun loving guy. we went to his Tae Kwon Do meeting, made homemade sushi and ate til we almost exploded, went reggae dancing, and had plenty of fun conversations- a really fun loving guy.
Currenty, I´m in Bogota...the capital of Colombia. I have officially finished my loop of Colombia. I am staying with Anna, an colombian who speaks very good English because she has spent a considerable amount of time in texas, miami, and new york. I met here in Cartagena (carribean) and she offered me a place to stay when I came to bogota. Bogota is´s beyone huge, enormous, gigantic. But still tons left to explore of Colombia´s capital.
...I have a day or two to explore Bogota then its off in a bus to Ecuador... 5 days begins the countdown...see you soon mom and cathy! and ecuador.

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