Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pirates of the Carribean

"Not all who wonder are lost"

The next couple of days in Cartagena were very nice. I spent the next day wandering around the historic town of Cartagena. It is an old town with the colonial old buildings and churches, and the "old town" is surrounded by a wall with cannons. it`s quite interesting. Inside the walls, is like stepping back in drawn carriages, cathedrals, colonial buildings. I also explored the little beach that Cartagena has. It was full of people though. I ran into Vince, a guy from Australia I had met earlier traveling. he was with a group including people from Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. We hung out that night. The next day I took a tour to Playa Blanca. Check out the pictures. What you think of when you think of hte crystal water, palm trees, tons of fish, white beaches, old boats, fish- cooked and alive, nice people, artisan work. It was all there. I got a little taste of what the Carribbean is like! Amazing. Now i`m staying in Barranquilla with a sweet couchsurfer named Rebecca from Kansas who just finished up Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic. Today I head off to Santa Marta...

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